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Concert Series

Concert Series in Hawaii


Along with the Official Parade, performing ensembles may participate in the American Musical Salute concert series at other locations on the island. 


Each of these venues provide a wonderful performance experience whether you are part of the performing group or a member of the audience.  Each venue can be secured by contacting the Memorial Day Parade Committee.


​​Arizona Memorial Visitor Center

As the centerpiece of the Pearl Harbor area, the USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center is an ideal place for music ensembles to perform for citizens and visitors to Hawaii.  This newly renovated and updated visitor center is where visitors begin their tour of Pearl Harbor where they learn about the attack 80 years ago.  Often times, there are actual survivors present to share their stories of what they experienced first hand.  Performances are held within view of the USS Arizona Memorial, the Battleship Missouri and the USS Bowfin.


​​USS Bowfin


Located at Pearl Harbor right next to the USS Arizona Visitor Center, the USS Bowfin offers a wonderful performance venue for music ensembles. 


Polynesian Cultural Center


As one of the most visited locations in all of Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center is a must see for any visitor to Hawaii.  The PCC also provides a great performance venue for any type of performing ensemble.  Groups will be received by enthusiastic and receptive audiences and will have a great experience, not just during their performance, but during their entire visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center.


USS Missouri

The USS Missouri Battleship and museum sits in Pearl Harbor as the lone battleship in "Battleship Row." Its Surrender Deck is the site of the signing of the Japanese Surrender in WWII. The "Mighty Mo" served our country in WWII, the Korean War and even as recently as the Gulf War.  She was decommissioned in 1992, and now rests in the harbor for visitors around the world to visit and enjoy her rich history.  Groups perform on the dock of the Missouri, with the ship and the USS Arizona Memorial as a backdrop.


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