The Parade - May 29, 2021
Official Event Schedule

5:00 PM Opening Ceremony - Fort Derussy Park


5:30 PM Kalakaua closes - opening performance at the review stand 


6:00 PM Parade Begins on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki


Parade Commissioned

The American Gold-Star Families Memorial Day Parade Committee has been commissioned to organize the Hawaii's Official Memorial Day Parade. Each year on Memorial Day the parade will pay tribute to our veterans, active military and and America's Gold-Star families. This event will commemorate the past and celebrate the future in one of the United States most historic and culturally enriching locations. 


Memorial Day

The parade theme is "remembering the past and celebrating our future." Memorial Day is observed each year in our country to remember our fallen military.  Behind each fallen son or daughter is a family that loved them.  These "Gold -Star" families are honored for their sacrifice in this important Memorial Day Parade in Hawaii.


Our Mission 

The American Gold-Star Families Memorial Day Parade will provide a meaningful tribute to our Gold-Star families, veterans and armed forces.  The event also features performing groups, associations, local, state and national dignitaries and organizations, along with military groups and officials joining together to share the Spirit of America with the citizens and visitors of Hawaii.


The Parade Route

The Parade begins at Fort DeRussey in Waikiki.  It proceeds down Kalakaua Avenue for 1 mile, then takes Monsarrat Avenue to the Kapiolani Park.


See map of the parade route


Parade Committee 

The Parade Committee members have been selected from a variety of backgrounds and experiences in order to provide participants and spectators with the highest quality program.

2021 Parade Line Up


Coming April 2021!

The National Gold Star Families Memorial Day Parade remembers those families who lost loved ones to war. We honor your fallen soldier and stand with you remembering their service to our nation.