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USS Maryland: 1921 - 1959


USS Maryland, a 32,600 Colorado class battleship, was built in Newport News, Virginia. She was commissioned in July of 1921. During the 1920's and 30's, she participated in regular fleet training and combat exercises. In 1922, Maryland made a long distance cruise to Rio De Janeiro to participate in Brazil's Centennial Exposition. She also was part of the U.S. Fleet's trans-Pacific voyage in 1925 and President Herbert Hoover's 1928 good will tour of Latin America. In 1940, her base was changed from Long Beach, California to Pearl Harbor.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor


On December 7, 1941, during the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the USS Maryland received relatively light damage thanks to its position in relation to the USS Oklahoma, which received most of the torpedoes fired in their direction. She was, however, hit by two armor piercing bombs that detonated below her deck, killing 4 of her crew. During the attack all of her anti-aircraft batteries were promptly manned. It is believed that Maryland's crew was able to shoot down up to 7 enemy planes.

USS Maryland after the Pearl Harbor attack


On December 30, 1941, Maryland limped into Puget Sound Navy Yard for repairs and upgrades. She was instrumental in the assault on the island of Tarawa and the battle ofSaipan. During this battle, she delivered a devastating barrage on the island when a Japanese bomber dropped a torpedo that hit the Maryland's portside bow. She returned to Pearl Harbor for repairs. In April of 1945, Maryland was sent to intercept a Japanese surface force. During this mission, She was hit, yet again, by a Japanese plane. A kamikaze crashed into the top of one of her turrets killing 53 of her crew. Even while damaged, she valiantly continued the fight. In July of 1959, the USS Maryland was sold for scrapping.

USS Maryland (BB-46)

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