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USS Utah: 1911 - 1941


USS Utah was a 21,825 ton Florida Class Battleship.  She was built at Camden Shipyard in Camden, New Jersey and was commissioned in August of 1911.  During her first years of service, she operated in the Atlantic with a cruise to the Mediterranean Sea and took part in the Vera Cruz incident in 1914.  During World War I, Utah stayed in the Atlantic, and was based in southern Ireland to provide a covering force for Allied convoys as they arrived into the British Isles.  After the War, she was converted to a radio controlled target ship and spent the rest of her career in this role.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor


In 1941, USS Utah was given additional guns to enhance her gunnery training mission and was active in the US Fleet near Hawaii during the year.  On December 7, 1941, USS Utah was moored at Pearl Harbor and was hit by the Japanese torpedo attack and sank. 

USS Utah after the Pearl Harbor attack


USS Utah, which had been hit by the Japanese torpedo attack, had rolled over and sunk. In 1944, during a salvage operation, she was rolled back closer to Ford Island where she remains today.

USS Utah (BB-31 / AG-16)

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